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Title Sponsorship IBM

    Global Strategic Partner
PROS, Inc. [The CFO's Best-Kept Secret for Profitable Growth]

"PROS: A Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant" - Gartner 'defines' "Configure, price and quote" (CPQ) application suites as a tool enabling "sales organization to automate and optimize the creation of quotes and capture of orders." (Gartner: Magic Quadrant)

Diamond Sponsor CarTrawler [Founded 2004]

"provides online car rental distribution systems. The Company enables consumers to obtain real-time car rental prices and availability. CarTrawler serves customers throughout Ireland."

Diamond Sponsor Mastercard

Platinum Sponsor

AeroCRS, WorldTicket and Air Black Box are part of 777 Travel, 777 Partners’ travel technology portfolio, supporting the company’s ambitious technology strategy. We're focused on delivering solutions that create new commerce channels for travel...

Platinum Sponsor accelya [India Limited]

Under "Cargo Solutions" - "Our integrated cargo platform digitizes your cargo processes from offer to settlement. Launch customized offers across channels, control your distribution, optimize your operations and account accurately for maximized revenue."

Under "Airline Industry Solutions" - "We combine pioneering technology with industry expertise to help airlines stay ahead of the game. Our industry leadership reflects across BSP processing, NFP, SIS and GNR5 (instant agency incentive management in IATA BSP countries)."

BSP is Billing & Settlement Plan

Accelya is a leading global technology and service provider to the air transport industry delivering innovative change at speed and scale.The company´s market-leading passenger, cargo, and industry platforms support airline retailing from offer to...

Platinum Sponsor

Travel powers progress. Amadeus powers travel. Amadeus’ solutions connect travelers to the journeys they want through travel agents, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, cars and railways. We have developed our technology in...

Platinum Sponsor Flyr Labs

"Hi, where are you flying?" - page load with 'from' as Oslo (OSL), Norway.

If HKG is entered as 'to', nothing could be found. Serving mostly EU destinations, e.g., Geneva, Switzerland, or Barcelona, Spain.

Platinum Sponsor Microsoft

Platinum Sponsor Pegasystems [American; 1983; PEGA; Cambridge]

"Learn how Pega's AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation let you:" Maximize value; Simplify service; and, Boost efficiency

Platinum Sponsor Quantum Metric

"Never lose site of your customer" - 'sight'??

"Quantum Metric gives you the empathy and experience data you need to put people at the heart of your products."
"Trade abstract analyltics for actual answers."

"Marry qualitative and quantitative data in one platform so teams can make data-backed design decisions."

Platinum Sponsor

[Sabre Radixx] Sabre Corporation is a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry, serving a wide range of travel companies including airlines, hoteliers, travel agencies and other suppliers. The company provides...

Platinum Sponsor Snowfall

Gold Sponsor affirm

When you buy with Affirm, you always know exactly what you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying. There are no hidden fees—not even late fees.

Gold Sponsor

Atrius is on a mission to rethink the future of travel. Previously known as LocusLabs, our indoor maps and wayfinding solution powers some of the biggest airlines and airports in the world. Now, we’re able to offer even more solutions as addressing...

Gold Sponsor Assaia International

Gold Sponsor atpco

Gold Sponsor CAVU

Not sure if this is it!!
"Building Brands for a Healthy World"
"Every investment we make is backed by the CAVU team and ecosystem to help our partners win big in the marketplace."

WE UNDERSTAND THE AIRPORT PASSENGER LIKE NO OTHEROUR DIFFERENCEFor airports, for partners, for people. We are .Founded by MAG (Manchester Airports Group) and backed by over 80 years of aviation expertise, we’re striving to revolutionise airport...

Gold Sponsor CellPoint Digital

Leading payment orchestration: "By using multiple payment providers you can dramatically impact the success of payments acceptance, reduce costs and increase revenue. We have seen the impact having multiple PSPs and Acquirers has had on many of our clients. We are payment provider agnostic and want you to get the most from your payment ecosystem. Through our platform you can easily add new acquirers and use the insights we provide to make sure they are providing the value you need for your business."

Gold Sponsor Cirium

Has many international offices; one in Hong Kong (HONG KONG 11/F OXFORD HOUSE TAIKOO PLACE, 979 KING’S ROAD, QUARRY BAY, HONG KONG TEL: +852 2965 1520), and one in Dublin - did we miss them?

112 years of innovation - we can't beat that!!

Gold Sponsor Collins Aerospace

Gold Sponsor Cover Genius

"Cover Genius is the insurtech for embedded insurance that protects the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies..."

Gold Sponsor Datalex Ireland Ltd

Our mission is to empower airlines to be great retailers.

Datalex has a strong track record of delivering cutting-edge digital transformation for progressive airline brands worldwide, partnering with airlines to create differentiation and leadership in the digital retail space.

Gold Sponsor European Aviation Network [EAN]

"The first of its kind worldwide, the European Aviation Network combines high capacity satellite coverage with a complementary 4G LTE ground network to provide high-speed coverage across all 27 European Union states, plus the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland. Designed specifically for high traffic flight paths and busy airport hubs, the network delivers over 50Gbps capacity, ensuring a reliable, in-the-air as on-the-ground broadband service, supporting streaming and other high bandwidth requirements.

Transforming passenger experience, driving operational efficiency and opening new revenue streams for its customers, the European Aviation Network gives Europe’s aviation industry an edge over the rest of the world."

Gold Sponsor Fetcherr Ltd [2019]

"Fetcherr is an AI-powered price intelligence engine that uses proprietary algorithms to predict a price on anything."

Gold Sponsor GlobalDots

Gold Sponsor

Google Cloud accelerates every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology – all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200...

Gold Sponsor Hitit [1994]

Hitit [Computer Services], established in 1994, is considered one of the largest airline and travel IT solution providers in the world. Hitit’s brand “Crane” offers a comprehensive suit that serves flag carriers, low-cost and hybrid airlines, as well as ground-handling ...

"Creating future proof Airline & Travel IT Solutions";
"Passenger Service System"
"Operations Planning - Efficient schedule planning and crew management with the reliable and real-time management of operation control"
"Travel Solutions"
"Cargo - Tools that transform with the industry, grow together with its partners and enable the air logistics community to achieve their strategic objectives."

Gold Sponsor IBS Software [1997; India]

"Air Cargo Solutions" - "Driving cargo revenues and innovation for airlines and ground handlers through a data-driven platform that opens new business opportunities, collaboration, and efficiencies across the value chain."

While air cargo is major global industry, the many legacy systems and processes that permeate the landscape prevent stakeholders from unlocking their full business potential. Much room remains to boost revenues, innovation, efficiencies, and new partnership models.

Co-designed with the world's leading cargo airlines and ground handlers, iCargo is a modern cloud platform for air cargo management and stakeholder collaboration. The strong community that has grown around the platform encourages best practices sharing and is driving air cargo's digital transformation. Covering end-to-end operations, iCargo accelerates value delivery by unlocking new revenues, operational efficiencies, and innovative partnerships across the value chain.

AI-driven tools and analytics provide unmatched visibility on sales and business performance, allowing customers to match real-time demand with available capacity for maximum profitability. iCargo's dynamic pricing engine, advanced forecasting algorithms, and instant accounting reconciliation drive industry-leading revenue management and optimization capabilities. Core business process automation and continuous machine learning drive unmatched productivity, efficiency, and operational cost savings.

Gold Sponsor Infare

"Infare is the leading provider of competitor air travel data that empowers airlines to make effective pricing decisions"

Gold Sponsor Lufthansa Systems

At Lufthansa Systems we are insiders. Real experts for digital transformation. And close to the heartbeat of the aviation industry as well. A combination that makes our service offering unique.

We help leading airline companies to benefit from digitalization. We provide tactical data for a safe and efficient flight. We offer best in class maps for navigation in the air and on the airport. And we pave the way for a connectivity above the clouds that goes far beyond entertainment. All this in a customized approach.

Silver Sponsor Naco [NACO International Aviation Consultancy

"For over 70 years, NACO has defined world-leading airport design and pioneered advanced aviation solutions to enable airports to deliver sustainable growth and performance."

Gold Sponsor Nagarro [1996]

"We excel at digital product engineering. We solve complex business challenges through agility and innovation. We call it thinking breakthroughs.

Gold Sponsor Navitaire [an Amadeus company]

"Drive revenue with the platform that launched the low-cost carrier industry."

OAG Worldwide - Gold Sponsor

OAG [Worldwide] is the leading data platform for the global travel industry, powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. We provide frictionless access to high-quality travel data, helping businesses make smarter decisions and...

Gold Sponsor Omnevo

Take control of the journey. Our unique, vendor-independent solution provides mobility and hospitality providers with full control of omnichannel retail customer engagement and delivers consistent experiences throughout the revenue journey. Molded from the merger of AOE's leading aviation E-Commerce technology OM3 and catering and supply-chain expert SHIFTEO, we are setting out to change the travel commerce ecosystem permanently.

Gold Sponsor OpenJaw Technologies

"International leader in NDC industry standard"

"NDC" - New Distribution Capability is "a data exchange format based on Offer and Order management processes for airlines to create and distribute relevant offers to the customer regardless of the distribution channel." []

Piano - Gold Sponsor piano
"We help the world’s biggest brands know their customers better and optimize revenue paths."

Piano’s Digital Experience Platform empowers organizations to understand and influence customer behavior. By unifying customer data, analyzing behavior metrics and creating personalized customer journeys, Piano helps brands launch campaigns and...

PwC - Gold Sponsor

About PwC - With a global network of more than 9,000 travel and transport experts we develop and implement digitally driven solutions to help you inspire, win, and retain your clients, as well as secure sustainable results. Our experienced...

Gold Sponsor Royal Dutch Shell

What are they selling?

SITA - Gold Sponsor

SITA is the air transport industry's IT provider, delivering solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft and governments. Our technology powers more seamless, safe and sustainable air travel.With around 2,500 customers, SITA’s solutions drive...

Smarter Airports A/S - Gold Sponsor Smarter Airports A/S was established in 2019 by Copenhagen Airports and Netcompany as a joint venture with the purpose of delivering a new market-leading digital platform for efficient and sustainable airport operations of the future. Smarter Airports...

Teleperformance - Gold Sponsor

Teleperformance is a global leader in digitally advanced customer experience management. With more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry, the company provides reservations, loyalty program support, website support, VIP customer care and ...

Gold Sponsor Unbabel

"Unbabel’s LangOps platform combines the best blend of machine and human translation so you can provide a consistent multilingual customer experience, grow to new markets and build trust around the world."

Gold Sponsor Uplift

With Uplift, you can make thoughtful purchases now and pay over time in bite-sized installments.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) - 先買後付.

Gold Sponsor Viasat [India]

"Get fast speeds, more data, and bigger savings on Viasat's reliable home internet plans!"

in-flight Wi-Fi

Gold Sponsor WheelTug

Gold Sponsor ZeroG

Carbon Partner CHOOOSE

"The leading platform to integrate climate action everywhere you meet your customers."

"Build and run a climate program that enables your customers to track, understand, and reduce emissions, all within your organization's latest environmental compliance requirements."

Official Beer Partner Heineken

Must visit

Loyalty Partner Points [1999; Canada]

"The world’s leading airline, hotel, and financial services loyalty programs partner with Points to make the movement of loyalty currency simpler and more profitable."

UATP - Payments Partner UATP [Universal Air Travel Plan]

UATP is a global corporate travel payment solution owned and operated by the world’s airlines. The network consists of major airlines and travel management companies (TMCs) that issue charge cards accepted by thousands of merchants around the world...

Venari Partners - Strategic Partner Venari Partners [London; Employment agencies?]

Venari Partners is a boutique Executive Search & Advisory firm. We help our clients to identify, attract and retain essential leadership talent around the world. With 85% of our mandates completed internationally, we are committed to taking a...

Silver Sponsor 15below [UK]

"Keep your passengers informed and empowered at every stage of their journey With hyper-personalised, automated communications"

One platform. Seven products. The 15below platform integrates directly with your reservation system and more than 100 other data sources to create highly targeted, personalised notifications that deliver the exact information each customer needs, at the right time and via the best channel.

Whether it's an out-of-the-box or a highly bespoke solution that you need, simply tell us what you want to achieve, and our team will design and build the perfect platform with everything required to start communicating with your passengers straight away.

Silver Sponsor AirFi B.V. [The Hague, South Holland]

"AirFi is the company that is currently disrupting the airline IFE (InFlight Entertainment) and Onboard Sales industry by providing an out-of-the-box and same-day-fleet-wide solution for providing inflight engagement with your passengers in the aircraft!"

Silver Sponsor Airside Mobile Inc [Herndon, VA]

"Own your digital identity: Your mobile ID is the fastest and most private way to prove who you are, every time"

Partnered with American Airlines, and TSA Pre.

Silver Sponsor BD4 Group GmbH [Germany]

"AI-powered 1:1 personalization for true customer-centricity - Know what your customers want. Before they want it."

Beacon - Silver Sponsor Beacon

A new era of aviation maintenance - Built to empower Operators, MROs, and Technicians to communicate better and collaborate smarter.

Beacon is an innovative multi-sided platform designed to connect the aviation maintenance ecosystem, synchronize industry resources, the aftermarket supply chain, and aviation professionals in a more agile and efficient manner. In 2016, EmbraerX...

Silver Sponsor Bluebox Ltd

"Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. specialises in passenger engagement software for the commercial aviation industry."

Bluebox’s software platform provides digital services and content streamed to passenger devices in any aircraft cabin.

Silver Sponsor Branchspace [UK; Poland, Australia]

"Transforming Digital Commerce for Travel"

"Triplake Digital Commerce: Enabling next-gen commerce and releasing travel shopping experiences from the constraints of outdated architecture"

Silver Sponsor DataArt Solutions [USA; and many other international offices]

"DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems"

Silver Sponsor Daon Technology

Silver Sponsor Dohop

Silver Sponsor EveryMundo

Silver Sponsor Grasp Innovations

Silver Sponsor Hopper

Northern Pacific Airways - Silver Sponsor [Northern Pacific Airways - mix up??]

Flycoin represents the evolution of loyalty programs where the Company has applied the principles of cryptocurrency and blockchain to create a new kind of loyalty program that is free from the limitations of today’s programs. Flycoin’s revolutionary ...

Silver Sponsor HRS

Silver Sponsor iCoupon Global Limited

Silver Sponsor INFORM GmbH

Information Design - Silver Sponsor

Information Design is a software and technology company based in Frankfurt, Germany. Information Design offers standardized solutions and develops tailored software exclusively for clients in the aviation industry: Airlines, airports, and air...

KEYVAN Aviation Group - Silver Sponsor

KEYVAN Aviation is an Aviation Support and Service company, specially working to support the customers with the innovative ideas , product and solutions related to Flight Operation and Data Analytic. A wide range of the services for Aircraft...

IGT Solutions - Silver Sponsor

IGT Solutions is a next-gen customer experience (CX) company, defining and delivering transformative experiences for the global and most innovative brands using digital technologies. With the combination of Digital and Human Intelligence, IGT...

Insurwave - Silver Sponsor

Airline executives are leveraging technology more than ever to unlock dramatic operational and safety improvements, delivering improved outcomes for the industry, the business, and the customer.Piiq Risk Partners, the innovative global aviation...

Silver Sponsor Loyalty Juggernaut

Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH - Silver Sponsor

Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH is your partner for intelligent customer management. We develop and operate professional customer loyalty programs based on our future proof loyalty software suite “LMS”. Our solutions and services are tailored to the...

Silver Sponsor Materna IPS

Mindtree - Silver Sponsor

Mindtree is a global technology consulting and services company that enables enterprises across industries to drive superior competitive advantage, customer experiences and business outcomes by harnessing digital and cloud technologies. A digital...

Silver Sponsor MPASS

Silver Sponsor MySmartPlans

NAVBLUE, an Airbus Company - Silver Sponsor

NAVBLUE is a leading services company, wholly owned by Airbus, dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management solutions and services for airlines, airports, and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). We combine aircraft manufacturer...

Silver Sponsor Neste

OneWeb - Silver Sponsor

Reimagining connectivity for aviation OneWeb is building a satellite communications network in space that will deliver seamless and uninterrupted in-flight connectivity globally.With globally consistent performance comparable to terrestrial...

Silver Sponsor optiFLY

Supplier of next-generation schedule optimisation software.

AI Will Redefine Flight Scheduling

Silver Sponsor Parkos BV

Silver Sponsor Plan3

Silver Sponsor Plusgrade

Res 2 – iPort DCS - Silver Sponsor

Res2 B.V. is an IT company expertized in airport operations software and is the creator of iPort DCS, a state-of-the-art Departure Control System active at more than 350 airports worldwide. The intuitive application supports airlines, ground...

Silver Sponsor Retail inMotion

Scandit AG - Silver Sponsor

Scandit AG gives superpowers to airline workers, customers and businesses to provide more personalized services, while taking cost and time out of airport operations and passenger handling. Our Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices to scan ...

Silver Sponsor SERPRO

Silver Sponsor sherpa

Talma Travel Solutions - Silver Sponsor

At Talma [Travel Solutions] we deliver a different type of travel solution. With a powerful blend of people and technology we keep you moving whether it is for business or pleasure, or something in-between. Using our leading-edge technology infrastructure, we ensure...

Silver Sponsor TERAFLOW.AI

Silver Sponsor TravelX

Silver Sponsor Trustly

Silver Sponsor Vanderlande

Silver Sponsor Veovo (NZ)

"Predictive Collaboration Platform that enables airports to plan, predict, and perfect the airport ecosystem"

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor Volantio Inc.

Silver Sponsor Worldline

Silver Sponsor Worldpay from FIS

API Global Solutions - Associate Sponsor

API Global Solutions is the recognized industry leader in providing SaaS crew layover technology & service solutions to commercial airlines. Established in 1984 as a regional company, API has grown into a global provider, serving 100+...

Atlas - Associate Sponsor

Atlas ( represents the evolution of air content aggregation, enabling airlines and travel sellers to better serve traveler preferences through real-time data-led insights and unrivalled technology. Using the latest cloud ...

Infosys - Associate Sponsor

About Infosys Ltd. Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in more than 50 countries to navigate their digital transformation. With over four decades of experience in managing the systems and...

Osprey Flight Solutions - Associate Sponsor

Osprey Flight Solutions was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing the most advanced aviation risk analysis available for enabling safer and more secure aviation. Our data-driven approach fuses broad-spectrum open-source data, AI technology and...

Associate Sponsor South Pole

Associate Sponsor Synaptic Aviation

Exhibitor Nooka Space

Startup Videowindow [New York; London; Hong Kong; Singapore; Sydney]

"The world's first always-on video conferencing portal"

We believe deeply in human connection. Video Window’s purpose is to create an extension of physical space to ensure workers feel more connected with each other - as if they were sharing the same space. Ultimately our goal is to help teams achieve their highest level of success possible. Transforming how people collaborate and communicate and the relationships they form.

Startup Aerospace Innovation Hub

The Aerospace Innovation Hub @TU Delft is a community of aerospace related startups, academics, students, corporates, and industry professionals. Our mission is to accelerate content driven innovation in a community by facilitating the early...

Exhibitor Cobot Lift

"Collaborative Robot system handling up to 45 KG"

Exhibitor Airsiders

"Offer your passengers more connectivity & comfort as they explore the world"

Airsiders is a travel-tech company providing modern interlining and digital passenger experience solutions for airports and airlines.

Exhibitor Aviator by Maxamation

"Airline Revenue Management can make the difference between airline profit and loss. But trying to manually optimise revenue for all the thousands of flights, segments and classes held in your PSS just isn’t possible. There are never enough hours in a day and relying on spreadsheets and intuition is no match for software and automation. Aviator’s automated system ensures that all future departures are optimally set up and managed to maximise revenues."

Exhibitor Avtrasoft

Avtra [Limited] is one of the world’s leading providers in technology solutions for the aviation and tourism sectors, delivering end-to-end software solutions for airlines, airports and travel agents. Avtra has embraced developments in technology to enable...

Exhibitor 3D SeatMapVR [Spain]

Exhibitor AeroCloud [USA; Wilmington, DE, and FL; UK]

"..intelligent airport management platform"

Exhibitor Airports of Montenegro

Exhibitor Airxelerate GmbH

Airxelerate GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, providing innovative solutions to airlines and touristic enterprises to directly connect customers and partners, reduce costs, optimize time-to-market and improve quality by becoming lean and agile with an...


Software Country is a technology company focused on providing software development services to clients worldwide. Our tech knowledge coupled with our deep industry expertise is what allows us to create effective high-quality solutions.

Exhibitor Attached Language Intelligence

Exhibitor Atcore Group

Exhibitor avibright

"avibright is a Strategic Business Unit of iteam S.A., dedicated to the development of software solutions for airlines, since 2012"

ENDYSIS - Uniforms Management System: At a Glance

Founded in 2012 in Greece, aviBright ( is a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of iteam S.A., offering unique Value-for-Money software solutions for airlines.Our introduction to the fascinating industry of aviation started when we were...

Exhibitor BAGTAG


Beyond is a boutique technology house with years of experience in the travel industry. Their data-driven products and services are based on a deep understanding of millions of passengers, analysis of their predicted behaviour, and digital expertise...

Exhibitor Blue Ribbon Bags


Calrom is a powerhouse of software development with a proven record of delivering innovative digital solutions to complex business challenges within the travel and airline industry. Our systems are used by some of the world’s largest and most...


CarbonClick was created to make climate action simple. Our founders were some of the first people to co-create a carbon offsetting programme in aviation, for a major international airline. CarbonClick works with over a 1000 brands, including...

Exhibitor CitizenPlane SAS

Exhibitor Continuum Commerce Solutions

Exhibitor Damarel

Damarel’s solutions help Airlines, Airports and Ground Handlers automate and optimize their business. From DCS and Common Use through to turn management, service capture and billing, we help reduce costs and improve operations. Need...

Exhibitor DRCT


EDIfly is the signature tool of Innovative Software SARL for integrated messaging in Aviation & Logistics independent from legacy networks (SITA, ARINC, etc.) since 2010. It’s unique transmission technology allows airlines, ground...

Exhibitor Eezeetags b.v.

Exhibitor EFORSAIR

Exhibitor Get-e

Exhibitor GoQuo


The Green Taxi System reduces aircraft fuel consumption and carbon emissions during ground operations by allowing aircraft to taxi without using their main jet engines. Electric motors located on the landing gear wheels powered by the existing...

Exhibitor HolidayTaxis Group

"HolidayTaxis is a worldwide transport service, offering you airport to city and resort transfers in over 21,000 destinations in over 150 countries around the world."

Exhibitor Honeywell

Exhibitor Inspire


Led by the Emirates Group, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), Accenture, Amadeus and Microsoft, Intelak is a start-up tech hub based in Dubai that launches, nurtures, and scales start-ups that support Dubai’s position as a leader in...

Exhibitor Iris ID

Exhibitor LoyaltyPlus

Exhibitor Living Map

Exhibitor Media Carrier GmbH


MTI Ltd.’s mission is to bring greater convenience and fulfillment to our customers' everyday lives and work as their partners. To continue to be a source of attractive services, we have integrated capabilities covering...

Exhibitor planitas


Pledg provides instant white label financing solutions enabling you to increase your conversion rate and purchase frequency whilst strengthening your brand loyalty. Pledg's solutions are omnichannel, easy to integrate and have exceptional...

Exhibitor POSSEHL Spezialbau GmbH >

Exhibitor RateGain Technologies Limited

Exhibitor Royal Schiphol Group

Exhibitor Smartvel

Exhibitor SpiceJet Limited

Exhibitor Spire Aviation

Exhibitor TA Connections

Exhibitor Tik Systems

Exhibitor ThinkInk

Exhibitor TP Connects

Our range of IATA-certified solutions enable airlines, travel sellers and all other players in the industry value-chain capitalise on the revolutionary benefits offered by the New Distribution Capability (NDC) platform

Exhibitor Veoci

Whether you're planning ahead, going about business as usual, or sounding the alarm, Veoci's no-code software helps you stay in control.

Veoci leads the way in crisis management, emergency response, and business continuity software - configured to how your teams and organization work.

Exhibitor Wiremind

Exhibitor Zafire Aviation

Exhibitor Zenz Technologies BV

Zenz Technologies helps companies make better decisions. With a focus on airline revenue management and commercial decision making, our solution provides actionable insights into your relevant data. With decades of experience in the airline revenue...

Startup 1id

1ID is accelerator funded Travel Tech startup specialized in touchless immigration and security clearance solutions that use Blockchain technology to provide digital passports for travelers and real-time Arrival and Departure Control Dashboards for...

Few '1id' references (;;;;;)

IATA: One ID - "One ID introduces an opportunity for the passenger to further streamline their journey with a document-free process based on identity management and biometric recognition. Passengers will be able to identify themselves at each airport touchpoint through a simple biometric recognition. The objective is to achieve a truly interoperable system coordination between airports, airlines and governments."

Startup Abomis Innovations Inc

Our team understands the impact of loss of access to DCS in the middle of the check-in process, and can help you at that moment.ABOMIS Innovations is a start-up aviation software developer, who provides solutions for disruptions in DCS, Weight...

Startup Accumulus

"Make Your Airline Smarter and Greener with Waypoint AI"

Accumulus (previously Speed Managed)is a Singapore-based company that aims to help air transport operators achieve next-generation sustainable operations. Airlines need to bridge data and technology gaps in order to effectively harness operations big data to reduce...

Startup AeroDelft

"The first aircraft took to the skies just over 100 years ago. Now, over 23,000 aircraft carry more than 4 billion passengers around the world every year. But bringing the world closer together has come at a cost.

AeroDelft is a TU Delft student team with one mission: prove that emission-free aviation is possible by developing the world’s first manned liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft."

AeroDelft is an interdisciplinary student team of more than 50 university students, with a mission to prove and promote liquid hydrogen as an alternative to conventional fuels in aviation. To realize this mission, we are designing and manufacturing...

Startup AerLabs [Rotterdam, Netherlands]

Who we areWe are Aerospace & Software Engineers who use our expertise to develop software products for aircraft noise and air traffic operations Our GoalTo provide cutting edge, cloud based software solutions to the aviation industry that...

Startup Aeroflux

Aeroflux is an aerospace startup developing magnetic aircraft brakes that provide frictionless and virtually wear-free braking on business, commuter, and commercial aircraft. By eliminating wear, Aeroflux brakes will not need to be replaced for the...

Startup Aeroji

"Aeroji: Your platform for efficient aircraft engine trading and fast networking."

Aeroji is a team of young professionals from the aviation business as well as from the digital services industry. We create a cloud-based platform to connect all aircraft engine aftermarket stakeholders and provide a marketplace with an integrated...

Startup Aerolytix


Operators derive little benefit from data when it comes to real time cost management. Operators' future competitiveness depends not only on having data, but using it efficiently and in real time."

Aerolytix is a new generation aviation software that enables charter and commercial operators to improve real time decision-making accuracy, profitability, cost management and client conversion. Our offer addresses two critical challenges: For...

Startup Aeropaye

"Process your refund claims on the Aeropaye refund engine within seconds of delayed or cancelled flight."

Aeropaye is developing an autonomous smart flight refund engine for airlines, travel agents, travel management companies and passengers on delayed or cancelled flights, integrating Blockchain distributed ledger technology, smart contract components...

Startup Aerosens [USA; FL]

"IoT solutions for aviation industry"

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Digitalization is key to the future success of any industry. Our goal at AEROSENS is to develop technology solutions making the aviation industry more...

Startup Aiir Innovations B.V.

"Amsterdam based aviation startup, Aiir Innovations provides AI software for the inspections of jet engines. Working closely with airlines like KLM, Aiirs software helps improve inspection quality and efficiency. The cloud-based software works...

Startup Airbot Technology Limited [will go live in under 2 months]

Airport AI is the world's leading customer service platform for the airport industry. Start using automation and Artificial Intelligence to improve your airport's passenger experience while reducing customer service costs.

Startup Airevo [UK]

Airevo has been set up to transform airlines Commercial, Sales and Distribution environments through intelligent use of AI.
We are building a range of modular AI-driven solutions that will directly impact on profitability. The first is focused on...

Startup AireXpert

"AireXpert optimizes aircraft maintenance operations with real-time collaboration, event-driven data, and a single source of truth for technical, engineering, and management teams."

AireXpert develops and manages the software and global infrastructure behind the Technical Operations Crew Network, a real-time collaboration platform that airlines rely to ensure the integrity of daily maintenance operations. The seamlessly...

Startup Airware

"Leveraging the latest smartphone technologies to deliver a simple and smart airport experience."

Experience the passenger journey of the future with our simple yet powerful software component for airline mobile apps. See how this enables passengers to use their smartphones to interact with our low-cost airport devices to weigh and tag...

Startup Aleios

"We help startups disrupt and large organisations to remain competitive using the best of Cloud-Native, Serverless. Experts in delivery of highly scalable systems we connect people, liberate data and create innovation through technology."

We help startups disrupt and large organisations to remain competitive using the best of Cloud-Native, Serverless. Building highly scalable systems we connect people, liberate data and create innovation through technology.

Startup Amsy

AMSY is a SaaS software solution for airports developed by the Belgian software company Squarebracket.
It connects all airport operating systems and provides a 360° overview of all processes and flight-related data, in a real-time environment. AMSY ...

Startup Amygda Labs

Amygda removes surprises from industrial operations by alerting asset operators to known and unknown incidents likely to occur on high-value assets. The startup is focussing on reducing unnecessary maintenance and increasing the reliability and...

Startup Ampaire

"The easy way to connect all airport operating systems and provide a 360° overview of all processes and flight-related data, in a real-time environment. AMSY optimises and simplifies dataflows at airports and delivers spectacular improvements to the operational efficiency of an airport."

Ampaire is making travel safe, clean, quiet, and affordable by upgrading existing aircraft to hybrid-electric power.
Ampaire has scored a series of industry firsts since the 2019 maiden flight of its Electric EEL testbed, including the longest...

Startup Ariadne Maps

Ariadne covers the holistic journey of passengers, from the first step till the flight in the airports. Our plug-and-play technology anonymously and precisely tracks passenger flow, without application, network connection or cameras.Ariadne counts...

Startup Aviation Freelancer

Aviation Freelancer is a specialist Aviation & Aerospace recruitment consultancy. We support some of the leading names in Aviation & Aerospace with their ad-hoc, contract and permanent staffing requirements. We were founded by experienced...

Startup Avvinue, Inc.

More than 4M people travel with their pets per year, and airlines are missing out on millions of potential ancillary revenue. Avvinue, a venture-backed startup has launched the airline Pet Reservation System (PRS) offers airlines a competitive...

Startup Auve Tech

Developing lightweight and compact SAE Level-4 autonomous shuttles Auve Tech is offering a full-scope service that entails autonomous vehicles, their integration into various environments and fleet management. The service is focused on passenger...

Startup Autoura

Autoura is a digital experience platform for real world experiences. We operate branded robotaxi & micromobility experiences. Robotaxis are mostly available in the US however European cities will have robotaxis in the coming years.

Startup Avatrade Marketplace, Inc - not the same!!

Avatrade is the transparent marketplace to buy and sell aircraft parts.

Startup Bacarai

Bacarai operates the world's first online marketplace for group airfare, offering group customers an entirely digital experience, from shopping, to securing seats with a deposit, and managing the entire life cycle of the group trip...

Startup Bagchain

bagchain is a travel communication platform and leading mobile baggage check-in provider. Check-in baggage remotely, anywhere, any place, anytime using bagchain’s’ eco-system bagchain cloud. With direct secure Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connections to the...

Startup Bagpoint

Bagpoint is a Bagage-as-a-Service platform which provides Remote Bag check-in and drop off services for airline passengers. The services benefit airlines, airports and their passengers with operational excellence, customer experience (less...

Startup Bauddhartha Technologies

"Redefining Aviation Training using Innovative and Immersive XR- Technologies"

We leverage next-generation technologies to provide world-class virtual and augmented reality immersive experiences that are at once intuitive and data-rich, and which put the human user at the center of design. Our product portfolio includes...

Startup Beacon AI

Beacon AI is an aviation startup located in the San Francisco Bay Area made up of experts in aviation, AI and robotics software engineering. We are building an AI Assistant aerospace platform to significantly improve operational efficiency and...

Startup Beyond Aero

Beyond Aero is designing the first zero emission private aircraft (6 to 9 passengers), designed for hydrogen propulsion, flying 1000 miles in range to reach the European market. Although commercial operations are still in early stages, they have...

Startup Biztribution

biztribution is a deep tech game changer aiming at disrupting the current airy travel distribution.
We reinvent the industry by creating a new revolutionary Blockchain-based fully decentralized distribution model for the air travel ecosystem...


BookingData enables hotels to make closed offers to airline travellers (currently confirmed: Lufthansa group, Eurowings and SunExpress). Hotels are receiving all the bookings made by the airlines and can select the profiles it wants to make offers...

Startup Bridgify

Bridgify provides smart, scalable & holistic cross-selling solutions that empower travel brands to unlock new revenue streams and capitalize on the third largest travel segment after flights & hotels – in destination activities. Bridgify...

Startup CarbonClick

​​​​​​​CarbonClick was created to make climate action simple. Our founders were some of the first people to co-create a carbon offsetting programme in aviation, for a major international airline. CarbonClick works with over a 1000 brands, including...

Startup Chaise Longue Economy Seat

The Chaise Longue Economy Seat aims to implement a new age of travel presented by COVID-19. With greater comfort, sustainable seats, and more customer satisfaction, the Chaise Longue is the economy class seat of the future. The uniqueness of our...

Startup Chinespain

"Exclusive experiences for Chinese Tourism"

Airports are the first point of contact with Chinese passengers, but your business has limited time to interact with them, reducing their spend. That’s why Hi china is the airport beyond the terminal; a new digital channel that transforms airports...

Startup [Can't find website]

Cielo.Ai is the world's first pay-tech solution for omnichannel communications. Our technology helps airlines monetize their customer service experience based on access, quality, and speed. The process is seamless for end-users, turning pain...

Startup Clamhan Aviation

"The new player on Electric General Aviation. Making flying more sustainable and affordable."

Clamhan Aviation B.V. was founded in 2020 by Roland de Blieck and Frank van Veghel. Their shared passion for flying and innovations in the field of technology and the environment led to the initiative to develop and build an eAircraft. In doing...

Startup Climate Trade [2017]

"All our projects are verified so you can achieve certified emissions reduction. Our marketplace allows you to manage the carbon offsetting activities of your company in the most cost-effective way."

ClimateTrade is a blockchain-based climate marketplace facilitating carbon offsetting and decentralized climate finance. On the ClimateTrade platform, companies looking to offset their carbon footprint get direct access to climate-regenerative...

Startup Cmon [website coming soon...]

We sell airline tickets, as many others do. What we do differently is that we enable a two-way relationship between travellers and airlines. And why? Because in this way we can increase the demand for travel, thanks to our matching engine, which...

Startup Colibra

Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Colibra develops solutions that boost air travel amid uncertain travel times. The award winning “Fly now. Pay if Okay” travel booking app empowers passengers to book risk-free travel products without bearing...

Startup ChargedUp

"...we're upgrading the ChargedUp network to bring you and your customers the best phone charging solution on the market, get yours free now"

ChargedUp is the UK's largest out-of-home phone charging network, providing power to users on-the-go so that they're never left with a dead battery.

Startup Cloopio

"Book the perfect offsite experience for your team"

cloopio makes offsite planning easy by streamlining the offsite booking experience. The digital platform offers a curated portfolio of offsite accommodations, relevant add-on services like catering and meeting facilities, and inspiration for team...

Startup CyViation

CyViation delivers proactive intelligence and monitoring solutions that prevent cyber threats for commercial airlines and private jets, with a key focus on aircraft communication vulnerabilities in the air and on the ground. The company leverages...

Startup CX Unraveled

CX Unraveled is a hands on Customer Experience agency based in the Netherlands, founded by two former KLM Customer Experience Directors. We want to help our customers unravel Customer Experience (CX) in theory, tools and their personal context so...

Startup DuaLeap

"Making data Accessible"

Technology startup bridging gaps in the aviation industry through ClearBox, a truly connected aircraft solution to stream raw telemetry data, audio and video from the aircraft, streaming throughout all flight phases at lower costs to improve...

Startup Dune7

Dune7 is a digital strategy and brand marketing agency, taking an organic approach to growing travel and tech brands. The core of our offering is built at the junction of SEO, content, and brand, and designed to give companies a solid foundation on...

Startup DutyFreak GmbH

DutyFreak helps Travelers and Airport-Stores to get together at one place, in DutyFreak App! Travelers explore available offers, to buy even before arriving the airport. All this at one place in DutyFreak Marketplace App. Airport Stores in...

Startup Deal Engine Inc

Deal Engine builds software to automate airline ticket refunds and changes. Our solutions leverage AI and APIs to eliminate manual processes – immediately reducing costs, increasing speed, and improving customer experience for our clients and their...

Startup DeNoize

Noise is frequently cited as one of the biggest problems in city life. People living near airports and busy roads complain that they can never relax because of the intrusive sounds. Their experiences are reflected in higher levels of...

Startup Destinus

Destinus is a European aerospace company headquartered in Switzerland developing hydrogen-powered airplanes and associated infrastructure to get to any continent on Earth in the fastest way possible. Travelling above the speed of sound, these...

Startup Dovetail

Dovetail Electric Aviation’s vision is to lead the regional and general aviation industry into an exciting new, sustainable era by enabling aviation operators to fly commercially viable regional routes in nil emission, electric powered aircraft. ...

Startup Dynaxion

Dynaxion develops a security scanning system to identify explosives, drugs and other threat or illegal materials in suitcases, parcels and freight
Dynaxion uses patented breakthrough technology based on neutrons and Artificial Intelligence. ...

Startup E23

Passengers enjoy shopping at the airport but stringent security checks and long distances between gates and shops often make it challenging. In addition, passengers lack the means to compare prices between retailers making it hard to exploit all...

Startup E-Flight

E-Flight believes in clean and quiet airspace where everybody wants to fly and can keep flying, without guilt. By making as many people as possible enthusiastic about electric flying, E-Flight plays an accelerating role in making aviation on a...

Electronic Bag Tag - Startup eTag

eTag is developed by Fast Travel Global Ltd, a British company founded in 2015. Designed to replace paper tags and be backwards compatible with all existing baggage handling equipment, eTag enables passengers to complete their check-in off-airport...

Startup envest global

Envest Global is an international carbon reduction strategy and investment management company that specialises in supporting major carbon-emitting industries to achieve competitive advantage and market leadership through the design and delivery of...

Startup Evitado Technologies

"Evitado is revolutionizing the future of aviation by automating airside operations. Our product solution mitigates the risk of collisions and increases the level of safety and efficiency whilst providing real-time data for optimizing operations."

Evitado Technologies has developed a safety relevant solution to one of aviation’s long lasting and costly problems: lack of ground automation causing costly accidents and inefficiencies. Currently, layers of redundancy on every operation are needed ...

Startup F-Drones [2019; Singapore]

F-drones’ vision is a world where maritime logistics is more efficient and sustainable. We develop and operate proprietary aerial delivery drones, which can ultimately deliver 100kg loads over 100km, to ships and offshore platforms. F-drones is the...

Fare Up There - Startup Fare Up There

FareUpThere is an airline passenger insights company that helps airlines transform feedback into business intelligence that drives growth and increases ancillary revenue. At FareUpThere, we are passionate about capturing the full trip experience and ...

Startup FareTrack

FareTrack - flexible and easy price benchmarking for airlines.
FareTrack enables airline revenue managers to visualize, analyze and benchmark future fares against complete and accurate customer-facing competitor prices.
The core product is an...

Startup Farel

"Say farewell to piecing together different vendors, integrations, and clunky software. Farel delivers one seamless, all-in-one, software platform engineered for growing airlines."

Farel is an Operating System for next-generation airlines.

Startup Fairlyne

Fairlyne is an early-stage start-up founded in 2021 by three former executives from Accor, Transavia & SNCF. Fairlyne’s mission is to improve customer experience and revenue on reservations websites in the travel & tourism sector. Fairlyne’s ...

Startup Fly Green Alliances (FGA)

Fly Green Alliance (FGA) are sustainable mobility consultants providing data solutions and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) expertise to the aviation industry for carbon reduction. FGA are connectors of SAF projects and have been part of the group of ...

Startup FLYLA

FLYLA establishes itself as the leading sustainable travel portal for students in Central Europe.
We negotiate with airlines and other travel partners special products, fares and conditions for a core target group of verified students and...

Startup Flown Technology Inc.

Flown enables travellers to purchase automatic compensation benefits to protect against flight disruptions and other inconveniences. Our business model sets us apart by placing the environment and social equity at the centre of our...

Startup FlyNava Technologies

Founded by Mahesh Shastry in 2016, FlyNava Technologies specializes in the development of pricing optimization products in the niche airline industry. Jupiter, our pricing decision support solution powered by AI, brings in large data insights and...

Startup Frequency

Frequency is an aviation operations collaboration platform – connecting operations control, maintenance control, flight crew and management with open communication to ensure optimum on time performance. Frequency’s cloud based platform automatically ...

Startup Globetrotter VR

Globetrotter VR specialises in creating virtual travel experiences. We use cutting-edge VR technology and reality capture to create unforgettable “like you’re there” 360° experiences and virtual destination guides. We help travel brands connect with ...

Startup Go Here

GoHere offers airlines the opportunity to launch an own app with internal tips for their crew. You know better than anyone else which tips are suitable for your crew colleagues! Crew members can add their own reviews, see the reviews of...

Startup Happy Fly Limited

Happy Fly Limited (HFL) is an Insurtech MGA based in London offering unique insurance and technology solutions to Airlines to mitigate the financial and administrative burdens of EU261 Flight Delay Compensation exposures.
HFL has developed flexible ...

Startup Holibob

Holibob is the leading platform for connecting people with things to do. Our goal is to enrich the lives of people everywhere and to transform the partners that we serve by enabling deeper and more valuable relationships in addition to increased...

Startup Inovat

Inovat is a digital VAT refund solution that allows travellers to save more than 20% in tax refunds on shopping without the need to complete any paperwork or stand in the airport queues. Inovat partners with banks by integrating tax refund...

INPUT SOFT - Startup Input Soft [USA; Delaware]

INPUT SOFT is a web platform for companies in the aviation industry: helps optimize resources, reduce costs, collect and analyze data from all processes at the airports. At INPUT SOFT we offer two software suites: RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and DATA...

Startup Interlnkd

InterLnkd is the first company to link airlines’ booked customers with products from 1000’s of major fashion, beauty, and retail brands, driving a completely free and new stream of ancillary revenue.Using proprietary matching engine...

Startup Katanox

Meet Katanox, a hotel distribution marketplace that allows hotels and travel sellers to establish partnerships effortlessly in a B2B marketplace. We open up hotel sales to the next generation of travel sellers ranging from airlines to travel...

Startup KeepFlying

"Discover how Aviation Data Science & Explainable AI can augment streams of historic and dynamic data to visualize the Revenue Potential of your Assets over its Remaining Useful Life (RUL) and simulate Asset Hangar & Shop Visit profitability using Discrete Optimization models."

KeepFlying® is a Digital Financial Twin platform that focuses on the application of Explainable AI to help Aviation Asset Owners, Lessors and MROsto visualize the commercial impact of decisions against Aircraft, Engines and Maintenance Visits using...

Startup Laytrip

Laytrip Inc, a Delaware-based tech startup, is operating, an online travel-booking platform with integrated book-now-pay-later (BNPL) financing. The unique, one-stop-shop website offers guaranteed prices and customizable payment plans...

Startup LoyalT

LoyalT® brings a revolutionary solution for airlines to access the untapped long-tail sector. The total market in UK alone is £35B. The platform allows any business to register online, purchase airmiles and start rewarding their customers within...

Startup Lucy

Lucy is EUs first all-electric airliner. We will offer fully sustainable travel from door to door at a range of 100-700km. Lucy operates 9 seater from regional airport. By adding a first and last mile by car we can offer the new standard for...

Startup Maeve Aerospace [Holland]

Maeve Aerospace is a Delft-based start-up with a mission to enable 100% sustainable regional air travel and in turn improve airlines flight operating costs. To ensure zero-emission regional air travel, Maeve aims to deliver world’s first...

Maeve Aerospace aims to complete its first airworthiness all-electric regional commuter aircraft, Meave 01, by 2029. Our aircraft will drive the 100% sustainable transformation of today’s regional air travel industry. In its wake Maeve 01 will also significantly reduce flight operating cost, maintenance cost and noise pollution.

Startup Mainblades

"Automated aircraft drone inspections"

We are Mainblades, a robotics firm from The Hague. We develop technology to automate the inspection process of large commercial aircraft. Our automated drones in combination with advanced image analysis software support airlines and MROs to carry...

Startup Meep [2015]

Sustainable urban mobility app that provides you the routes that best match your preferences

Meep is a single urban mobility platform that provides users access to multimodal transport and sustainable routes based on their preferences. Users can plan, book, and pay for trips in one transaction, eliminating the need for several apps. Meep...

Startup Modifly

Many websites use 'modifly' as a reference...

Berlin-based ModiFly provides a seamless ancillary retailing platform that enables post-booking ancillary sales for agents and airlines with a focus on the most demanded flight-related ancillaries. The white label solution is designed in the...

Startup Paws

MVPaws, was founded in 2016 when a gap was found dealing with our animals’ data. Now, we are a group of friends that have great experience in the airline industry and are dedicated on making pet’s and pet owner’s lives easier. Still today, all the... - Startup Motulus

Optimal solutions for a world in motion
Motulus provides business software solutions that specialize in optimizing crew and aircraft. Such software is critical to run large-scale, daily operations in a cost-efficient and productive way maximizing...

Startup Neurobotx Ltd

Neurobotx is a team of some of the world's brightest minds in neuroscience, VR, AI and robotics building the ultimate cognitive metaverse. By combining state of the art simulation, haptics and spiking neural networks we're giving you the...

Neuron - Startup Neuron [2019]

"The trust layer for mobility and IoT applications"

Building a Decentralised platform for the benefit of the community
Neuron was founded on the premise that no single organisation can bring about the change needed in a complex world of vehicles, currently with a driver on board, but in the future...

Startup NLX

NLX® strives to be the leading customer self-service automation solution. Its Conversational AI SaaS products help brands transform their customer interactions into automated, personalized self-service experiences. Customer-contact organizations use ...

Startup North American Aerospace Industries Corp

North American Aerospace Industries is the end of life service provider with the highest rate of recycled materials. We are able to recycle over 95% of the materials gained from our teardowns. NAAI also runs its own reforestation program in the USA...

Startup Nuntiare Media Ltd

Nuntiare Media are a niche audio company, specialising in the production of pre-recorded announcements. Currently operating in the aviation sector, supporting over 40 airlines with our products and services. We operate as a single supplier solution...

Startup OneGrab

OneGrab’s mission is to change the way passengers eat throughout their journeys, by adapting the trends that have shaped the F&B industry downtown (food delivery, cloud kitchens) to the complexities of the travel industry.We do this by deploying ...

Startup On Point Loyalty

On Point Loyalty is a global consulting and investment firm focused exclusively on the airline loyalty space. We partner with leading airlines, technology providers, financial institutions and investors to shape and realize their airline loyalty...

Startup OROK

Bring your ground handling to the next level

OROK provides a smart and patented solution for the automation of baggage and cargo handling airside. Our system is focused on bringing more profitability, reliability, and security. Among the first in the world with such a complete system for the...

Startup Pacer [Curitiba, PR, Brazil]|???| MITRE - Mobile Aviation Research

Pacer is a resident of the HIPE Innovation Center, located in Vale do Pinhão, like a Silicon Valley, in Curitiba. The company was born with the purpose of solving the “problem” of delay in boarding aircraft and, for that, it developed the Digital...

Startup Passolution

Passolution was founded in 2017 and has since been the central database when it comes to the topic of entry requirements. We help you to keep your customers up to date with the entry modalities before, during and after booking a trip. Use the...

Startup Plane Finder

Pinkfroot Limited is a UK based software and hardware company primarily known for our popular Plane Finder brand.Plane Finder is a trusted provider of high quality situation situational awareness data and surveillance hardware to the aviation...

Startup Plyable [Can't find website...]

Startup Preppio

Preppio is an employee onboarding Journey software that helps save hours per new hire for PeopleOps, while giving new hires a WOW onboarding experience.

Startup Rise

RISE helps operators slash costs and CO2 emissions.Thanks to its proprietary software, RISE defines the optimal fleet schedules and routings. For charter operators, a modern and responsive operation is the key to meet the expectations of 21st...

Startup Road.Travel

Startup Rosterize

Rosterize is the only add-on to any flight operations and crew management system empowering fleet operators with AI-assisted crew planning. Fewer crews, more flights. Thoughtful planning helps meeting today's challenges: increases aircraft...

Startup Seat Cash

SeatCash is an innovative travel lifestyle technology company delivering an improved travel purchase and management experience to consumers and travel suppliers. Bringing 100+ years of combined travel industry experience, the SeatCash team is using ...

Startup Shift Aviation Solutions Ireland

SMART Aviation Solutions Ireland (SASI) has developed disruptive air traffic management support technology. This will help to reduce and eliminate aircraft holding, and extended vectoring delays, at congested airports. This is an innovation that is...

Startup Signol

Interesting - using behavioral science research to build tools...

"We're a personalized app and communication service empowering pilots to make measurable fuel and CO2 savings."

Signol is a software product that brings behavioral science to captains and pilots, creating commercial, environmental, and social value at speed. Our software is a communication and feedback platform that continually optimizes individual...

Startup SimpleVisa

SimpleVisa’s business is about helping travellers to understand border crossing requirements and processing electronic visas and travel authorizations (ETA) on their behalf.With the coming live of the Schengen Area ETA in 2023, more than 100...

Startup Simtex [Have we met already in FTE?]

Simtex offers a unique B2B travel-tech solution based on eSIM technology, consolidating cellular providers in 190+ countries and providing affordable roaming data services to travellers in each of these destinations. In a few simple steps, you can...

Startup Skailark

Startup SkyCatcher

SkyCatcher mobile app connects student and PPL pilots, instructors and aircraft owners so they can benefit from each other within the platform.SkyCatcher takes care of everything to ensure pilots can seamlessly pick-up an aircraft and return it by...

Startup SkyFive

SkyFive is a leading provider of broadband connectivity services in the skies based on standard 4G and 5G technologies (Air-to-Ground):
· Creating a cellular network in the sky dedicated to aviation
· Connecting aircraft with a small ...

Startup Smart Flight

How many times have you ever been stranded because of the weather?When it happens, the Airport becomes a mess, with passengers without information, groundstaff overwhelmed trying to contact vendors, distributing vouchers, and taking so much care to...

Startup Smartshift-Robotics AS

Smartshift Robotics is the only Horizontal automatic Tool Change and Lock system Globally. The patented system allows precision, high payload and high speed to be used either by machines, Robots or as a manual system. The system can operate and...

Startup Spotnana

Spotnana is the future of travel. We are rebuilding the infrastructure of the travel industry in order to bring freedom, simplicity, and trust to travelers everywhere. Our Travel-as-a-Service platform enables corporations, agencies, suppliers, and...

Startup Squake

The industry solution for sustainable travel and transport.Easy. Fast. Smart. Secured.SQUAKE SaaS powers accurate carbon calculations & provides scarce compensation projects of all travel chain related emissions.

Startup StatusMatch

StatusMatch is the global leader in loyalty status management. Major airline brands use the StatusMatch platform to acquire new high-value passengers, at scale, without the burden of managing logistics, marketing, or the need to deploy additional...

Startup SUMMIT

SUMMIT's application allows travellers to unlock their flights into trip-based NFT collectables, to trade those within the community and to redeem their collections for rewards that will improve the next trip.

Startup Tarmac Tehnologies

Tarmac Technologies offers a Turnaround Management Platform (TMP) to boost ground operations safety and efficiency. Adapted for airlines, handlers and airports staff, our solution reduce time spent on each flight and automate post-flight reporting...

Startup Tech4TH

Tech4TH is an innovative technology company born out of a desire to reimagine traveler experience using cutting edge digital technologies.For us travel technology goes beyond making a positive impact on the traveler journey to actually having an...

Startup Timeshifter

Timeshifter is a circadian technology pioneer on a mission to improve people's performance, safety, and health. In 2018, Timeshifter launched the most-downloaded and highest-rated jet lag app in the world. Recently, Timeshifter launched a new...

Startup Treepli

Treepli is the first travel-sharing platform for independent travelers that removes inconvenience in trip planning offering user-generated itineraries instantly customizable and easily bookable. We help travel creators in sharing better travel...

Startup Tripnly

Make every trip count with Tripnly

  • Track your journeys
  • Plan your next trip
  • Share your travel stories
  • Interact with other travelers

Tripnly develops travel tech solutions and software powered by Web 3.0 technologies. By positioning Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Technologies into the core of our web and mobile-based solutions, we design products and...


Founded in 2019 in the Danish Island of Fyn, is a young startup that is set to change the way travelers plan their vacations. platform uses AI to smartly bundle flights, trains, buses, and hotels, allowing you to visit the most...

Startup UbiZense

This is what what was provided to WAF on ubiZense:

We provide R-CDM, ramp collaborative decision making, real-time ramp operations monitoring to the management with automatic data capturing capabilities. We leverage IoT sensors, e.g. CCTV and GPS, to automatically detect what is happening on the ramp. Custom AI models are developed and deployed to make sense out of the massive amount of data. Hong Kong International Airport has improved baggage handling on-time performance by 20%.

Startup Unum Aero

Unum Aircraft Seating aim to solve airlines’ longstanding dissatisfaction with business class seating supply. Our vision is to become the credible alternative for both widebody and narrowbody aircraft, offering on-time delivery of customer-centric...

Startup Urban Air Port Ltd

Urban-Air Port Limited designs, develops, manufactures, sells and operates ground, air and digital infrastructure for new forms of sustainable urban air transport such as air taxis and autonomous delivery drones. Its mission is to remove the largest ...

Startup Vairtual

VAIRTUAL is a Startup from Frankfurt, Germany, We are a virtual Airline and digital platform that will introduce Flight Bookings based on the Crowdfunding principle. We simply call it #SocialCrowdflying. Our bet: An Airline in 2022 does not need to...

Startup Venturi Aviation

Venturi Aviation develops worlds’ first all-electric commuter aircraft, planned to launch before 2030.

Startup Venturio

Berlin-based venturio is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions worldwide by promoting Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Based on a white-label software solution for the SAF certification process, airlines can set up their individual SAF corporate...

Startup VRef Solutions

VRef Solutions is a tech startup founded by two commercial pilots and instructors. At VRef Solutions we believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the aviation industry, that technology can play an even bigger role in enhancing...

Startup Wayfarer Points

Wayfarer delivers a powerful and easy to use SaaS based platform which makes passenger and loyalty program member interactions personal, entertaining, and engaging.We help your business to save time, money and people resources while driving desired...

Startup Wings Privacy Consultancy

As airline, handler, airport, catering company , you use massive amounts of personal data. In doing so you have to comply with privacy legislation, like EU-GDPR or similar legislation emerging around the globe. But most important, incursions on...

Startup Wovoyage

wovoyage, a Women Travel Aggregator Platform which empowers and assist women with Content and itineraries throughout the world to plan their next trip. Our digital and social media vertical integrates travel influencers and social network engagement ...

Startup Xena Vision

Xena Vision developed the realtime emergency recognition system to reduce life threating safety risks beforehand for public authorities such as airports, stadiums via realtime complex human behavior analytics for proactive early emergency...

Startup Zephyr

Zephyr Aerospace has designed the world’s first lie-flat seat for Premium Economy Class travelers. Configured for travel on wide body aircraft on long distance flights, the Zephyr Seat offers aisle access, privacy, and a lie-flat space – for 50%...

Startup ZYTLYN Technologies


ZYTLYN helps companies address their most important retailing and eCommerce challenges and opportunities with ZYTLYN Demand Forecast, a unique product focused on providing predictive travel intelligence to airlines, travel...